Family Services


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Piapot Family Services provides prevention services to support the safety and well-being of Piapot First Nations children and families living on reserve.

Piapot Family Services provides culturally-based family supports to the community with the goal to reduce the number of Indigenous children in care and help keep children with their families where they belong.

Mission Statement

We are community oriented; empowering families and children through family-centered services that respect autonomy, support self-determination, strengthened by culture and traditions. Children are recognized as gifts and as a community it is our responsibility to ensure that their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs are met.


  • Families have support systems
  • Families access desired services, programs, and activities in their community.
  • Families know their rights and advocate effectively for their child.
  • Families help their child develop and learn.
  • Families are healthy, supported, and empowered.
  • Children are valued, respected and safe.
  • Children and youth have a right to safe, secure and nurturing environments.


  • Community-Driven
  • Family-Focused
  • Safety
  • Connection


Heather Davidson
Family Services (Acting)
Office: (306) 781-4833
Cell: (306) 351-1435

T’Kaela Gerl
Capacity Building Co-Ordinator
Office: (306) 781-4833
Cell: (306) 519-7852

Prairie Crowe
First Nations Representative
Cell: (306) 541-0721

Sharon Sugar
Prevention Program Assistant
Office: (306) 781-4833
Cell: (306) 510-3309

Beryl Kaiswatum
Office: (306) 781-4833
Cell: (306) 510-6430

Advisory Council:



Piapot Health Centre
Office: (306) 781-4833
Secure Fax Line: (306) 700-2337