Invitation to Bid: Single Family Dwelling Rehabilitation *CLOSED*

The following is a list of work items approved by Piapot First Nation for rehabilitation at Project #166 on the Piapot First Nation (PFN).

  1. This list of work items may not be altered in any way without the prior and written approval of Piapot First Nation.
  2. In addition to the standards of construction referred to in this list, all work must meet the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada 2015
  3. All workmanship shall be carried out in accordance with industry standards and good construction practices.
  4. All required inspections, certificates of approval or acceptance must be obtained by the PFN Housing Department.
  5. Dimensions and quantities provided on this list of work items shall be considered approximate. The contractor is responsible for confirming all dimensions and quantities on site.
  6. The contractor will be responsible to remove, from site, all extra fill and debris resulting from any work.
  1. Scope of Work

See Appendix A – Complete this section.

  • Project Timeline:

Provide an estimate on the duration of time to complete the works.

  • General Inquiries:

Naomi Wesaquate, Housing Manager


Phone: 306-781-4848

  • Instructions

Please return your completed bid by email no later then September 15, 2023, at 12:00 pm.

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