Cree Land Mini Mart


Operating under the umbrella of Piapot Development Corp., Cree Land Mini Mart is a full-service gas and convenience store. Cree Land Mini Mart is located at 1101 Angus St., Regina SK.

Cree Land Mini Mart employs 37 employees (24 full-time, 11 part-time, and 2 casual). A majority of these employees are Piapot First Nation members.

Creeland Mini-Mart is open 24/7 with full service gas from 7AM to 11PM with window service available at night. Customers receive a rebate (GST/PST Exempt) off tobacco and fuel purchases when a status card is presented.


Doug McRae – General Manager
Dakota Obey – Store Manager
Corrie Stonechild – Shift Supervisor
Sandra Wesaquate – Shift Supervisor
Brett Friday – Shift Supervisor
Kathleen Beston – Night Cleaner
Leigh  Cote Night – Cashier
Kendall Bird Night – Cashier
Tammara Manitopyes – Head Cashier
Angus  Fox – Gas/Cashier
Royce Bird – Gas Attendant
Lawerence Cheekinew – Gas Attendant
Angus(Lee) Desjarlais – Gas Attendant
Charles Kaiswatum – Gas Attendant
Rayden Larocque – Gas Attendant
Marvin Tuckanow – Gas Attendant
Cliff Campbell – Gas Attendant
Rylan Campeau – Gas Attendant
Chrisopher Gordon – Gas Attendant
Alex Mantee – Gas Attendant
Morley Toto – Gas Attendant
Daryan  Crowe – Cashier/Gas Attendant
Marla Anaskan – Cashier
Holden Isnana-Hotain – Cashier
Keanu Kaiswatum – Cashier
Kristin Kaisawatum – Cashier
Talon Nelson – Cashier
Allyssa Adams – Cashier
Sonia  Kay – Cashier
Cornelia Kaysaywaysemat – Cashier
Desiraye Noname – Cashier
Pam Rockthunder – Cashier
Jada Wolfe – Cashier
Keesha  Kasiwatum-Sayer – Cashier
Bev Iron Assistant
Lois Desjarlais – Admin/Finance
Judy Blacksioux – Admin./Finance