Band Hall Booking Procedure

Band Hall Booking Procedures

  1. To book the Band Hall, contact the Band Office at (306) 781-4848. Note – Funerals and ceremonies will take precedence over all bookings
  2. A booking is confirmed once a signed copy of the Band Hall Booking Usage Policy is received by the Band Office along with the deposit (if applicable). See Band Hall Usage Policy below.  
  3. Once booking is confirmed it will be recorded in the Band Hall Logbook/Calendar
  4. Office admin will make arrangements to have hall set-up and un-locked.
  5. As per policy, it is your responsibility to clean up after event
  6. Your deposit will be returned upon inspection after the event.

Band Hall Usage Policy

Purpose: This policy is applicable to all users and potential users of the Band Hall facility. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper use and care of the Band Hall located on the Piapot First Nation.

As one of the community buildings belonging to the Piapot First Nation, all band policies shall apply, including zero tolerance of unacceptable behaviour and a ban on alcohol and drugs.

General Guidelines for Scheduling

  • This facility shall not be used for the purpose of carrying out or organizing of any unlawful activity.
    • The use of the Band Hall is primarily for the use of the Piapot First Nation and band member activities and/or functions that shall take precedence over other activities by non-band members.
    • All events must be booked a minimum of one day in advance.
    • Weddings are no longer allowed in the Band Hall.

User/Deposit Fees

The Piapot First Nation receives minimal funding from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada for the maintenance and operation of Band Hall. Every year, the Band Hall operates in a deficit with much of its costs covered by other programs. Therefore, it is necessary to implement and enforce the following user/deposit fees:

Effective January 1, 2012 Band Hall User/Deposit fee is $100.00. Breakdown as follows:

  • $50.00 – User fee
  • $50.00 – Deposit – refundable once inspected after function ensuring Band Hall is cleaned

Traditional or Cultural events (funerals, feasts, singings) hosted by a community band member will not be required to pay the user/deposit fee but must adhere to Band Hall Clean Up After Event section of policy.

Clean Up After Event

It is the responsibility of the user to provide general clean up after the event. This normally includes:

Main area & board room: Fold tables and return where found; stack chairs against the walls; gather and clean ashtrays; gather debris and garbage, and; tie garbage bags securely and place at front door foray.

Kitchen area: Wash all dishes and put away; wipe off all counter tops, stove, sink and refrigerator; gather all debris, and; tie garbage bags securely and place at front door foray.

Washrooms: Gather debris and garbage; wipe off counter surfaces, and; tie garbage bags securely and place at front door foray.

Review and Amendments

At a duly convened meeting held on November 25, 2011, the Piapot First Nation Chief and Council has approved, by way of motion, the amendments/revisions to its Band Hall Usage Policy for the safety of the community and ensuring the proper use and care of the Band Hall.

User Responsibilities and Compliance

  • If users wish to have security on site, they are responsible for the cost and arrangements.
    • Users are responsible for any acts of vandalism during their event.
    • Users assume responsibility for supplying, storing and disposing of food properly and sanitarily.
    • Once this document is signed and dated, the user agrees to and is bound by all items listed above.
    • Failing to comply with the Band Hall Usage Policy will result in the organizations and/or events deposit not being returned.